Christoph Berghorn is a creative mind who loves to compose and produce music which comes from and moves the deepest corners of the soul.

His approach to music is always emotional. He seeks the harmonies, melodies and sounds that come from the soul and appeal to the soul. The result is music that fascinates and makes you dream and float, gives warmth, seeks and gives peace. When composing he never gives priority to instrumental self-representation nor the correct fulfillment of all expectations that come from classical, "orthodox" music theory. So his music is infinitely free in the choice of ways to go on an exciting as well as relaxing emotional journey. "The result counts, not the observance of expectations and rules."


Having played and still playing in many ensembles as a versatile pianist the live keyboardist Christoph Berghorn defines himself just as a musical companion and “not a soloist at all”. He always prefers to "serve" and wants to be a "perfect as possible carpet for the rest of the music." So for example you can see him on the keys in concerts of the vocal pop band „diffriends“ or the retro music ensemble „Bocholter Salonorchester“. He is also a frequently booked piano companion for solo singers live or in the studio.


Creating keyboard and vocal arrangements has become one of Christoph Berghorn's favourite musical journeys in recent years. On his CD “Let Go” you can hear a lot of his instrumental versatility and sound worlds. He loves to make the music sound full of warmth, fascinating sound textures and natural emotional flow. His arrangements have a very visually imaginative power. He calls it “a kind of soundtrack from films waiting to be made.”